Invitation to Virtual Open Day 1

Ngày cập nhật 29-06-2021

Time: 09h00 - 11h30 on 06th July 2021 via Google Meet (I will send the link later this week).

The marketing plan of VOD1:

  • 1st stage: I will send the information and attached flyer (Poster 1 - Purple picture) to students via email and post on our fan page to promote the event. Please help me to forward it to you senior and graduate students. 
  • 2nd stage: I will send the Google Meet link and Speakers' picture (Poster 2 - Blue picture - uncompleted) who attend the event. Please share with me your nice picture so that I can add them to the flyers. 

The initiative agenda is recommended as follows:

General Introduction

  • Introduce the honored guests
  • Brief introduction about the collaboration between HCMUT and HWUM.

Studying at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Campus

  • Facilities, accommodation, transportation, and cultural diversity  – Rachel Yap  ( approx. 20minutes ), Q&A 10 minutes

MSc Petroleum Engineering

  • Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Industry  - Talk by Dr. Urval S Patel  ( approx. . 40 minutes ), Q&A 10minutes
  • Current Research Trends in the Energy Industry, Watt’s Next? – Talk by Dr. Zakaria Hamdi ( approx. 15 minutes )
  • Studying for an MSc in Petroleum Engineering @ Heriot-Watt University (Malaysia Campus) – Talk by Dr. Urval S Patel ( approx. .30minutes ), Q&A 10 minutes

MSc Construction Project Management / MSc Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying

  • Major Projects across Asia – Talk by Ir Dr. Patrick Quek ( approx., 20 minutes )
  • Research Potential in the Built Environment – Talk by Assoc Prof Ir Dr. Teo Wee ( approx.20minutes ) Q & A 10minutes
  • Studying for an MSc in Construction Project Management @ Heriot-Watt University ( Malaysia Campus ) – Talk by Ir Dr. Patrick Quek ( approx. 30 minutes ), Q&A 10minutes

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