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Ngày cập nhật 25-10-2021

Job opening

Where: Department of chemistry, Kunsan national university

Position: Integrated master and Ph. D., or Ph. D. course students

Job description:

Our research group is developing novel electrolytes and active materials for secondary battery based on the fundamental understanding.

To this end, 1) the electrochemical experiments and 2) computer simulations including quantum calculation and molecular dynamics have been used as a research tools.

The goal of our group is to develop novel materials not only for the academic field but also for the industries such as the secondary battery companies and electric vehicle companies.

We are looking for students who are interested in material science or computer simulation.

Desired experience and skills:

The applicant must be self-motivated and have backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics and Chemical Engineering or related fields.


The tuition fee will be fully covered with Kunsan Univ's scholarships and our lab funds.

We will offer extra 900,000 won (about 800US$)/month for first two year and the salary would be increased by ~200,000 won every two year (exact award will be determined after the negotiation).

Additionally, free language courses will be provided.


The tuition fee and salary for the candidate students was supported by EV (electric vehicle) Human Resource Development Program.

A student who wants to get a job in Korea after finishing his/her course will be recommended to the EV companies near Gunsan city.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should send a cover letter detailing their research interests, English score (if you have) and a CV to


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