Update at 04-02-2022

The admission for those who wish to participate in the postgraduate studies within HCMUT are considered based on the results from the entry examinations biannually organized. More specifically, one examination is conducted in April and one in October every year.

To the admission for the Master’s level, the entry examinations are conducted, including three subjects which are Advanced mathematics, Discipline-based subject and Foreign language. Moreover, candidates with their outstanding undergraduate academic records are exceptionally passed based on the interviews with academic staff of HCMUT instead of taking the entry examinations.

To the admission for the Doctoral programs, the candidates have to take part in the interviews with experts on the fields they wish to study. In the interviews, the candidates must demonstrate their abilities in doing research and their background knowledge in appropriate fields. Besides, the candidates must meet the requirements of foreign languages.

In order to be accepted to study for international students, the admission criteria are set based on the interview with relevant academic staff.


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