Research Groups

1. Coastal disaster and Mitigation, Coastal engineering and Environment, Slope and Tunnel stability analysis in rock

- Underground energy storage

- Underground cool storage

2. Environment geology, Environmental resources exploitation and conservation

- Groundwater resouces, Groundwater quality assessment and Monitoring, Groundwater treatment solution.

- Geo-Harzads and Geo-Disasters

- Environmental Engineering

- Oil spill Harzads, Environmental protection in Petroleum industry.

- GIS and remote Sensing

3. Engineering Geology

- Geology-geological Engineering  survey, perform experiments on soil mechanics, rock mechanics in laboratory and field

-  Improvement in soft soil, slope, embankment,…

-  Foundation works

-  Design and install Geotechnical materials

- Calculate and design the dewatering system for deep excavations,

- Design and install the geotechnical monitoring system.

4. Hydrogeology

- Solve problems of groundwater resources under the impact of the environment and human activities.

- Collect, interpret, and model groundwater resources data.

- Building numerical modeling for groundwater flow, substance transmission and saline intrusion, using the results of model to solve problems that exist in groundwater resources under the impact of natural conditions, exploitation of human activities, and using model results to predict the impacts of climate change in groundwater resources.

- Using isotopic hydrogeological method to solve problems about the origin and problems of pollution, salinity of groundwater resources.

- Evaluate and propose methods of artificially supplementing groundwater resources.

5. Analysis and exploration, appraisal petroleum.

- Rearch to the petroleum geosciences, geological concepts (e.g. minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, rock deformation and geological time).

- The petroleum system (e.g. source rocks, reservoir rocks, sealing rocks, maturation, migration and trapping of hydrocarbons)

6.Rearching reservoir thermodynamics & fluid properties

1) Rearch to Fluid properties and the application of mass and energy balances to petroleum systems.

2) Analysis to phase behavior and chemical reaction equilibria (flash calculations with k-values); and equation of state applications and modelling and the natural drive mechanism, coring and core analysis, sampling and sample analysis, well testing and well test analysis

7. Modeling and Simulation on Engineering & Technology focusing on Petroleum, Geology, Unconventional Energy, etc.

a) Modeling the mud cutting transport in oil and gas well drilling operations

b) Developing the stress models around the drilling borehole in wellbore stability analysis, sanding, hydraulic fracturing, etc.

8. Analysis and Design the equipment and construction

a)  Using Artificial Intelligence to predict and analysis the stuckpipe

b)  Using Borehole Failures from Image logs in Petroleum and Geology Engineering

9 - Experiment the Modeling of Petroleum Engineering

a) Transportation of Drilling Fluids and Mud Cuttings

b) Applying Nano materials and technology in oil and gas industry (cements, drilling fluids, etc.)

10. Drilling and Production Engineering

- Well Intervention (Well Control, Well Stability)

- Integrated Production Modeling & Production Optimization; Flow Assurance

- Enhanced/Improved Oil Recovery

- Drilling technology

- Geomechanics applications


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