On-site Testing Laboratory
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On-site Testings Laboratory

Site Testing Laboratory - Faculty Of Geology & Petroleum Engineering (STL-GEOPET), University of Technology - Viet Nam National University HCMC is an educational unit serving teaching and scientific research in the education system. State and technology transfer service activities at the request of organizations and individuals.

Laboratory goals:

  • Best serve for teaching, studing, scientific research and implementation of technology transfer contracts.
  • The laboratory test field work with the motto "reputation, quality for the benefit of the community".

Main tasks of Site Testing Laboratory:

  • Testing the quality of products on soil, rock, water, concrete... as required;
  • Performing labor contracts for production and technology transfer of geotechnical products, including: Engineering geological investigation, Performing electronic friction cone and piezocone penetration testing of soils (CPTu), Field vane shear test (VST), Prebored pressuremeter testing in soils (PMT), Determination of deformation module by plate loading, Standard test method in situ for piles under axial compressive load, topographic survey, hydrogeological investigation, well logging carota...
  • Testing for verify quality construction including: Detection ofdefects by dynamic low- strain testing (PIT), Determination of homogeneity of concrete (SONIC) …;
  • Teaching Geopet’s students practical subjects for testing on site;
  • Guiding students to do scientific research, essays, theses,...;
  • Serve for lecturers to do research, domestic and foreign project , performing labor contracts for production and technology transfer;
  • Consulting and designing to improve and reinforce the soft soil;
  • Training, fostering professional and technical expertise on site testing of geology, environment and construction.


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  • Nhà B8, 268 - Lý Thường Kiệt - F.14 - Quận 10 - TP. HCM - Việt Nam
  • Điện thoại : (84.028)38647256 - Ext: 5777
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