Vision and Mission

Update at 28-02-2022

Vision of GEOPET 
GEOPET aims to maintain the significant position as one of the leading faculty in Energy and Earth Resources in Southern VietNam

Mission of GEOPET 
- Training highly qualified human resources for Energy and Earth Resources in Southern VietNam
- Combining effectively among training, research and technology transfer.
- Ensuring dominant position in intelligent creativity and advanced development in Southern of VietNam.
- Conducting inter-disciplinary research, breakthrough technology developments for the national industry.



  • Nhà B8, 268 - Lý Thường Kiệt - F.14 - Quận 10 - TP. HCM - Việt Nam
  • Email:
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  • Điện thoại : (84.028)38647256 - Ext: 5777
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